"The Exit Carnival"

Produced by Kyle Jones and Adam Harney

Recorded at Deep Search Studios, a church and in a closet

Engineered by Adam Harney with Kyle Jones

Mixed by Adam Harney

Mixes summed by Larry Crane at Jackpot! Studio

Mastered by Ed Brooks at RFI

    Kyle Jones: piano, vocals, rhodes, wurlitzer,
    hammond, formanta, moog and synth programming,
    harmonium, percussion, glockenspiel, additional bass,
    baritone and electric guitars, noises

    Ella Jones: violin, viola, cello, vocals, moog, rhodes,

    Adam Harney: acoustic; electric, baritone,
    and bass guitars; noises

    Seth Johnson: drums, timpani

    Patrick Ward: additional bass guitar

1. Widow Maker
2. End is Near
3. NW Passage
4. The Exit Carnival I
5. Among the Lost
6. Winter of our Discontent
7. Autumn Star
8. The Exit Carnival II